Pics of southern France
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the view from inside a cave looking down on a town and mountains in the distance
Buchladen –
an aerial view of the beach and ocean in nice sunny day with clear blue skies
Buchladen –
Nice the famous pebble beach
a large rock formation in the middle of a forest
Buchladen –
Roussillon The village of ochre
people are sitting on benches in the middle of an empty street with shops and buildings
Buchladen –
people shopping at an open air market with fruits and vegetables
Buchladen –
Nice - market day - toutes tomates
an old village nestled on top of a hill
Buchladen –
Gordes - model village
a dirt path in the middle of some trees and hills with white cliffs behind it
Buchladen –
Le Colorado Provençal - ochre colours of stone and sand