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an abstract painting of a woman holding a child
Buchladen –
Gemälde Egon Schiele, Wien Painting, Vienna
a painting on display in a museum with a woman wearing a blue dress and holding an umbrella
Buchladen –
Gemälde Emilie Flöge, Gustav Klimt, Wien Painting, Vienna
an old building with a large green door and ornate decorations on the front entrance to it
Buchladen –
Karlsplatz, Wien, U-Bahnhof, Otto Wagner Metro station, Vienna
people are walking around in front of a building
Buchladen –
U-Bahnhof, Otto Wagner, Wien Metro station, Vienna
a large vase sitting next to a window on top of a brick wall in front of a potted plant
Buchladen –
Hundertwasserhaus, Wien, Vienna
a large stained glass window in the middle of a building with people standing on it
Buchladen –
Glasfenster von Koloman Moser in der Kirche am Steinhof (Otto Wagner), Wien
an ornate building with columns and statues on the front porch, surrounded by trimmed bushes
Buchladen –
Vienna, House of Otto Wagner
an empty lobby with black and white checkered flooring, chandeliers and paintings on the walls
Buchladen –
Vienna, Sanatorium Purkersdorf, Furniture by Josef Hoffmann, Wiener Werkstätte
two people are walking in front of a building with gold decorations on the roof and door
Buchladen –
Vienna, Secession, Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit