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there is a bathtub and some shelves in this bathroom
Dog Daycare & Dog Grooming Burnaby | Metro Dogs Daycare & Grooming
Real nice steps to tub. Needs toe space under the tub to eliminate back strain.
the interior of an rv with pink and white trim on the walls, windows, and desks
Mobile Grooming Van Conversions - Dog, Cat & Pet Grooming Vans & Trailers :: Grooming Training for dog and cat groomers
-Repinned- Mobile grooming interior.
four black pillows sitting on top of each other
Chris Christensen
$55 Stand 'N Groom - Keeps unruly dogs standing up + manageable comfortably NOT moving around on the table so you can clip their toenails, comes in 4 different sizes made of leather. Order you stand. Christie Christiansen's dog brushes, many grooming tools + supplies , Spray Bottles and Other Grooming Accessories for Pet Grooming & Show Dogs
a dog kennel in the middle of a room with purple walls and wood floors
-repinned-Grooming Salon front entry
a black dog standing in front of a white fence with red leashes on it's neck
DIY Custom Dog Washer Out of PVC Piping (Video)
Custom Dog Washer out of PVC pipes--- This will give you a cube-shaped dog wash that can stand on its own so you can have both hands on your dog all the time during the bath. #Dog #Washer #DIY #PVC
an image of a white dog with different markings
Dog Grooming Instructions | Grooming Charts | Grooming Pictures ...
a dog's paw prints are on the wall in this room
WAGS - Wash and Groom Salon - Sale, Manchester
-Repinned- Wags grooming shop.
a poster with dogs and their names on it
Our dog grooming experts love this grooming schedule! Follow it and your pup is sure to look great. #DIYPetGrooming
a poster with instructions on how to use an electronic device for training dogs and cats
To Shave or Not Shave? Do NOT shave your double coated dog!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to some papers and other items
Dog grooming business advertising and marketing templates and forms for pet groomers
DIY Dog grooming business marketing & advertising projects that only cost pennies to implement! http://www.petgroomingmarketingkit.com/pet-dog-grooming-business-advertising-marketing-templates-forms-groomer.html
a woman grooming a dog with a comb and scissors
How to Groom a Havanese Jodi Murphy Instructional Series
▶ How to Groom: Havanese Jodi Murphy Instructional Series DVD - YouTube
What...the...hell? Who does this?!? Be a normal person! Lift the leg & take a peek! Work Humour, Dog Groomer Humor, Veterinary Memes, Veterinary Humor, Vet Tech Humor, Dog Groomers, Work Humor, Peak, Normal Person
What...the...hell? Who does this?!? Be a normal person! Lift the leg & take a peek!
an orange and white cat standing on top of a table
Grooming guide
Sheltie Grooming Guide
several pairs of scissors are sitting on a table next to some glue and other items