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an info sheet with different types of dogs and cats on it, including the words whysa
If you have ever thought about hiring a hobbyist #petsitter, you might be in for more than you expect. As a #petsitting professional, the years of experience, contracts, insurances and training, as well as the professional attention you and your furkid expect all get met. Hopefully this #infographic helps you to see what the real value of a professional #pet sitter is.
an info poster showing the different types of dogs and cats in various languages, with text below
Dog Training Statistics | Example infographics
Hundetraining - Statistik.
a poster showing different types of surfboards in various colors and sizes, with the names on
the life, times and adventures of a batpig (french bulldog) and his girl
Pets & Kids - Not So Different
an info board with dogs and people in silhouettes on the front, along with information about their health
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