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Infografiken, die uns über Fair Fashion, faire Mode, Slow Fashion, Second-Hand-Mode und Öko-Mode informieren.
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the diagram shows different types of fashion
Slow Fashion für Anfänger
Slow Fashion für AnfängerInnen - so konsumierst du Mode bewusster, nachhaltiger, fairer und mit mehr Spaß an der Mode!
an info graphic showing the five ways to shop more sustainablely
6 ways to shop more sustainably
How to shop more sustainably: shop less to avoid overconsumption. opt for organic and natural materials. support small and local businesses. buy more second hand. swap, mend, rent, lend. look for transparency in the production chain. By www.tiija.de
the three sections of a fashion label with flowers in them and text that says shop less, slow fashion, shop fair
Sustainable Fashion - the slow fashion formula
Shop Less + Shop Fair = Slow Fashion
a white sign that says, daily reminder care for your clothes november save for later
tiija on Instagram: “We have a detailed guide on the www.tiija.de blog on how to best care for your garments so that they last longer! #sustainablefashion…”
two circles with the words shop less, slow fashion, shop fair
tiija on Instagram: “It might seem surprising as a fashion business to encourage to “shop less”. In the end we have to sell our products to pay our bills and…”
there is no space for waste and no space for waste
The “Nu” alternative to Fast Fashion and the Influencer Economy
an info sheet with different types of food
4 slow fashion habits you should know
4 slow fashion habit you should know to implement a sustainable shopping mindset
an info graphic with the words fun fact over 60 % off fast fashion garments end up in a landfill or are incintated each year
fast fashion no so fun fact
fast fashion fact: over 60% of fast fashion garments end up in landfull each year
infographic with the title "slow fashion for beginners". In three circles is written: circle 1: choose well & shop less. Circle 2: thrift, rent, swap & mend. Circle 3: support ethical brands, small & local businesses.
slow fashion for beginners
Find our more on www.tiija.de - slow fashion, fair fashion, sustainable fashion
an image of clothes with the text, only 10 % off clothing is currently recycled
Fashion has a big problem with landfill
a poster with instructions on how to wash clothes
Fast Fashion: The Facts
Global Textiles, Blog, Green Life, Eco Friendly Living
Fashion is the 2nd Largest Water Polluter in the World! How to Reduce Your Clothing Footprint
Overlay text over beige fabric: "Fair Fashion, Slow Fashion & Sustainable Fashion - What is the difference?" - by tiija Industrial Style, Things To Come, Meant To Be, Cards Against Humanity
Fair Fashion, Slow Fashion & Sustainable Fashion - What is the difference?
You're interested in consuming fashion more consciously but when it comes to resources, articles and information, all the different terms can be confusing. They all mean different things even though they all stand for the same goal: to create a more eco friendly and just fashion industry. Let's discover the meaning between Fair Fashion vs. Slow Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion.
an info sheet with the words eco conscious and other things to see in this page
Eco-Conscious Shopping: A Beginner's Guide — Anuschka Rees
a quote from elizabeth l cline that says, ethnic and sustainable fashion is not a product it's a practice
Bambaw | Eco Living | Plastic-Free Products | Zero Waste Essentials
a t - shirt that says did you know? who gets the money from your typical $ 10 00 t - shirt?
Who Controls the Fair Trade Clothing Industry and How is it Governed?
Fast Fashion Facts - Climate Killer, Water Polluter, Toxic Pesticides Niche Marketing, Cotton Plantations, Activewear Photography, Principles Of Design, Beta
Fast Fashion Facts
Fashion facts that make you quit fast fashion now. Fast fashion is polluting the earth and killing our climate. Time to switch to sustainable fashion, slow fashion and fair fashion.
an email cover with the words how to spend a small biz for life on it
Support small business, empower, women, entrepreneurs, fempreneur
a poster with hand gestures and text describing buying second hand items
Buying Second Hand
the fair fashion sigel guide for vegan eco fair stores in paris, france
Textilsiegel Guide GOTS Zertifikat Fairtrade Siegel Zertifikate Fair Fashion
an advertisement for the fashion show is shown in three different colors and font styles, including blue
Faire Mode finden - mit dem Fair Fashion Guide von FEMNET e.V. - Mehr als Grünzeug
FEMNET hat die aktualisierte Auflage des Fair Fashion Guides herausgebracht. Alles, was man zu Fairer Mode wissen muss, findet ihr ebenfalls im neuen Blogger's Guide to Slow Fashion. Beides als kostenloser Download verfügbar.
Minimalist Wardrobe, Nice, Wardrobe Basics, Wardrobe Planning, Wardrobe Essentials, Clothing Items
Determine the Quality of a Clothing Item With This Cheat Sheet
four different types of fashion labels with the words fast fashion and sunbath on them
Fast Fashion
Fast Fashion & Sustainability
an advertisement for jeans that says dirty is clean, and it shows how to wash them
Why You Should Wear Your Jeans 10 Times Before You Wash Them - Ecocult
10 wears 1 wash!
the 5 ways to build more ethical closets
Fashion Archive - recklessly-restless.com
Wear more, waste less. Fashion macht so viel Spaß! Noch viel mehr, wenn sie fair und slow ist. Wir wollen mit euch das Fashion Business besser machen. Seid ihr dabei? Lokal - fair - nachhaltig: www.bridgeandtunnel.de Fashion Archive - recklessly-restless.com
the wheel of fifths and fifths with numbers in each section, including four different sections
Seven forms of sustainable fashion – Green Strategy
SEVEN FORMS OF SUSTAINABLE FASHION – Green Strategy | Sustainable and Circular Fashion Consulting
three sweaters hanging on clothes racks in front of a white wall with black shoes
Assembly 1 - Renee Gouin
the cost of cotton versus other types of clothing infographical poster by creative commons
DIY Guide on How to Soften a T-Shirt
DIY Guide on How to Soften a T-Shirt | ShirtSpace | Shirtspace.com