Farben sortieren, vielleicht kann man hinter den Löcher einfach Schuhkartons befestigen

Color Toss Activity (with Video!)

Minne-Mama: Color Sorting Toss Activity (with Video!) - Use ball pit balls or bean bags. (I would probably put something around each hole to keep the different colors separate).


{{will do this with my daycare babies sometime soon-ish}}Spider's Web discovery basket. A Super Fun sensory activity which also builds dexterity and problem solving skills. LOVE this idea!

Wenn der Weihnachtsbaum etwas umfunktioniert wird.Spielerisch an Weihnachten Highlights setzen. Tolle Bastelidee für Kinder.

Christmas Tree Ball Sort for Toddlers

bubble wrap runway-20151029-9

Crumpled Paper Fall Tree Art With Spices