So einfach macht man aus der IKEA Vitrine Detolf ein artgerechtes und stylisches Hamsterzuhause.

Ikea hack hamster cage looks fantastic and it is so big too. Could use for gerbil mice/mouse too. I am currently working on my conversion of my Ikea klingsbo unit xxx

ikea detolf hack for hamster cage..i want to do this!!

Ikea detolf cage converted into a hamster cage: send me this please! What a cool idea to get into the crafting mode.

DIY - hamster playground

That would be a great dust bath house for my chinchilla ( would need some modifications tho, e. a roof)

Right - deep substrate burrowing area (squishy.carol) Tags: cute ikea rodent digging cage hamster terrarium vivarium burrow detolf

Really deep substrate burrowing area, well contained and well stocked - until the little critters sink their teeth into it and kick it all over the place.

Gitter-Abdeckungen (Hamster, Kleintiere) für Ikea Vitrine Detolf

Gitter-Abdeckungen (Hamster, Kleintiere) für Ikea Vitrine Detolf