Never back down.

Never back down.

Never back down.
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Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. Kiss Scene from "Captain America The First Avenger"

I feel so conflicted! My otp is Romanogers, but when I see anything Steggy, I immediately feel extremely selfish and treacherous!

sketches-by-lexie Jedi Master with his porg friends because I need this << Yeah, I'm tired of everyone thinking Luke hates the porgs or eats them or something, I think he'd enjoy their company.

Fan art of porgs from Star Wars puts these little sci-fi snowballs into all sorts of mediums from digital art to embroidery. This is some of the best porg fan art o.

'Star Wars': Chewbacca feels bad about shoving a porg in 'Last Jedi'

The arrival of a new Star Wars movie is heralded by several things: Breathless anticipation, piles of ancillary merchandise, and the release of a new.