DIY CRAFTS IDEAS: Great idea for keeping foods

Elle récupère des sacs en filet et en fait un accessoire pratique pour la cuisine!

An innovative idea for keeping foods. Plastic bottles used. I imagine you'd have to be careful so the plastic bottle doesn't tear the bag, but this is ingenious all the same!

VW T5 Küchenblock Wohnmobilküche Heckküche Stauschrank Schrank Schubladenschrank

Cheap, easy, modular AND removable from the van to keep the van useable for other things.

Hang a fruit and veggie hammock. | 44 Brilliant Space-Saving Storage Solutions For Your RV/Camper

Under Cabinet Fruit & Veggie Hammock - Prodyne Enterprises - Space Savers - Camping World I know this is suppose to be neat but It is really just a banana hammock.

Das Sideboard steht an seinem Platz, noch ohne Elektro-Installation und einer nicht bündig schließenden Schublade, aufgrund einer erst später ausgetauschten Schraube für den Ledergriff

RAUMKUNSTBUS #2 - Der Ausbau

Finally in it's place - yet still without the final e-installation and a drawer which still could't close properly because of a wrong handle-bolt

The Smartest DIY Camping Gear to use this August

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Camping Spices. Great idea and my husband eats tic tacs all the time. I know just where to get the empty tic tac boxes!