Odin mit seinen Gefährten Raben u Wölfe...

God Chernobog is a Slavic deity, whose name means black god, he is the counterpart of Belobog.Slavic mythology art by Igor Ozhiganov

40 Tattoo-Ideen Für Männer

40 Tattoo-Ideen Für Männer

Chest tattoos for men, creative ideas, and designs. Check out our gallery with these inspiring, stunning, and urban chest tattoos for men's body only.


Spectacular Tattoo Artistry (23 Photos)

Tattoo Artist - Josh Duffy Tattoo - time tattoo It just amazes me to see some of this wondrous works of art.

Tutankhamun & Pyramids Half Sleeve http://tattoo-ideas.com/egyptian/

Egyptian half sleeve with Tutankhamun's death mask and pyramids by Pralea Dani, an artist based in Bucharest, Romania.

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Tribal tattoos is one of the most welcome tattoo designs by men, feeling of power as I think. Most of men choose tattoo tribal on their shoulder, the best