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a blue and white ceramic animal figurine with a cup on it's back
Tiger candle holder mint 1
Karin Hagen
a ceramic lion figurine on a white background
lion by kaye blegvad #ceramics
a white and yellow mushroom sitting on top of a table
Handmade Homeware | Global Artisan Marketplace | Maison Numen
MAGIC MUSHROOM : Marielisa Müller finds both inspiration and refuge in nature – a welcome escape from the chaos of the modern world and source for much of her work.
a person holding a metal spoon in their left hand with speckled paint on it
dot and co ceramics
Melbourne lady Jane Kelsey has a knack for making speckles and triangles look really very charming indeed.
someone is making a puzzle out of green tiles on the wall with their hands and fingers
Hier ist unsere Chaine Femme in Meerschaum. - DekorationPro
Hier ist unsere Chaine Femme in Meerschaum.
a ring sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a wooden fence post
Matcha Bowl / Raku Fired Rustic Chawan / Japanese Tea Bowl - Etsy
a black and white bowl sitting on top of a table
Inger Persson - 17 For Sale at 1stdibs
Scandinavian Modern Studio Bowl with Blue by Inger Persson for Rorstrand
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Unglazed stoneware katakuchi | Hitoshi Morimoto . Look out for a few new additions to the online shop including Morimoto san’s stoneware…
two vases sitting next to each other on a white table with a gray wall in the background
Paul Philp Stoneware vessel
Paul Philp Stoneware vessel
two small dolls are in a bathtub filled with foam and water, one is laying on the other side
Keramikkunst von Julia Ballenger #ceramics #women #selfcare #artpainting - Willkommen in der Welt des Malers
Keramikkunst von Julia Ballenger #ceramics #women #selfcare #artpainting #artpainting #ballenger #CeramicArtSculpture #ceramics #julia #keramikkunst #selfcare #women
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table
Home Tour with Signe Birkving Bertelsen in Copenhagen
Home Tour with Signe from Notem Studio - Scandinavian Apartment - danish design
two wooden spoons in a blue and white striped cup
101 Best Ceramics -