Sew practical textile pencil technique patchwork mosaic. Tutorial in pictures. Пенал из ткани. Пенал из ткани

This pencil case would be great as an on the go mini makeup kit to hold brushes and products

#Felt pencil cases for boy boxes.

felt boy pencil cases - sewing idea that boys might like - no instructions but fairly self explanitory by naomial


Hippo zipper pouch - original site is down or gone (as near as I can tell) - inspiration only.

Mäppchen, die nach Aufzippen aufrecht stehen und umgefaltet als Halter für Stifte dienen. Ziemlich genial, zB für Makeup auf Reisen.

Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer Pencil Case - Dark Green / Light Green - KOKUYO - pencil case with a difference

Bergans Wrap Penalhus Pink 4668

Bergans Wrap Penalhus Pink 4668