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a quote that says god is sending you a protector, a prodider, a praying
a woman sitting in a chair surrounded by gift bags and flowers, holding a phone
a barbie doll standing in front of a mirror
Barbie in Real Life
Barbie in Real Life
a car driving down a dirt road next to a large billboard with a naked woman on it
two women holding a pink cake with the word barbie written on it in white letters
Instagram: AddieLovesPink🧁🎀
an article in the paper features photos of women dressed in pink and wearing matching clothes
the words just an earth angel dreaming of her wings on a pink background with black lettering
so i can fly
the words he's the one i prayed for
prayed for
a collage of photos with pink shoes and accessories
barbie moodboard 🤍 insta : foreversfwd
two people sitting at a counter in a diner talking to each other and drinking beverages
A Cinderella Story (2004)