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AKAirways is an inflatable art/architecture group based in New York City.

Custom Inflatable Structures by AKAirways

The Street Hacker, Officially Embraced

The Street Hacker, Officially Embraced: "Can cities figure out how to react more nimbly to these impromptu, unclassifiable ideas when they clearly benefit the community?


Hingucker für New York - Velophil

…and then the city told itself the same old stories

For the first time in over 25 years McIntosh Gallery and Forest City Gallery have joined forces to bring the latest contemporary art to audiences in London and further afield.

„They are visual resistance to the privatisation of public space“

You gotta love this wonderful ”chairbombing” project by folks at DoTank:Brooklyn. They made themselves some of pallet chairs and then dropped completed chairs at spots around the hood. Check out the video for some hard core inspiration: