Make sure that the bike you ride on has the correct lights- check out the Highway Code to be sure :) Brooks

Mercedes SL http://www.autorevue.at/motorblog/mercedes-roadster-190-sl-230-sl-baureihe-107-oldtimer.html

Die sentimentalen Roadster

The Effigear

chirosangaku: “ Roc d’Azur 2013 - Effigear: Gear in future gravity segment? [Tech-Check] - MTB News.

How To Build Yourself | ELECTRICBIKE.COM

A beautiful RC-motor non-hub drive from machinist and E-biker "Roukie"

Fahrrad für das bike shelf

This bike is a grass track racer from a company named Townsend cycles. Aside from the awesome design features this bike is fixed gear and has no brakes just like every good new yorker's should be :)