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TV: Food That Magically Regrows Itself from Kitchen Scraps - Eating well is expensive… Buying produce that is organically grown is not cheap. -- Save a few bucks off your grocery bill by growing a few of those staples from your diet.

Fülle ein oder zwei Esslöffel Maismehl in ein Gefäß und lege es gekippt dahin wo sich die Schnecken befinden. Nacktschnecken mögen Maismehl und sterben nachdem sie es gefressen haben.

Slugs will eat cornmeal, even though it kills them. Put cornmeal in a jar turned on its side near the affected plants. Cornmeal kills ants too.

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Did IT using a vinegar bottle! NO more torn Solo cups for a dog food scoop! DIY: Milk Jug Scoop For The Garden.make your own from an empty milk jug!

Avocado selber ziehen - so gehts richtig.


Spread it on toast or mash it for some guacamole – avocados are a staple in many of our favourite snacks and recipes. Here's how you can grow an avocado tree from a seed (pit) yourself! by molly

How to propagate an aloe plant using just an aloe leaf

Grow an Aloe Plant With Just an Aloe Leaf

How to Grow an Aloe Plant With Just an Aloe Leaf. Growing Aloe Vera is easy. Planting it is a little trickier. Unlike other succulents and cacti, it is difficult to grow Aloe Vera from just a leaf. The chances of the leaf actually taking.

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A raised bed for the garden is a nice way to plant vegetables and herbs. You have an easy access to the plants in the raised gardening bed and save your back while working in the garden. You don't hav(Diy Step For Bed)

Growing an avocado tree

How to Grow Avocado Plant from Seed (With Video)

How to grow avocado plant from seed? Grow avocado from seed. How to grow avocado tree from an avocado pit. Time to grow avocado tree.

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Ronny is telling you:'Sehen Sie hier, wie Sie ein Hochbeet richtig befüllen.

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Here is a really good inspiration of hillside landscaping with rocks when you have a little hillside in your garden.

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How to Prune Your Tomato Plants

If you want tomatoes that have less disease, provide earlier harvests and produce more fruit you should be pruning your tomato plants.

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Exotische Süßkartoffeln selbst anbauen


Tipps gegen die Kräuselkrankheit

Fruit trees are a great asset to any garden or landscape. They provide shade, flowers, a yearly harvest, and a great talking point. But they can also be very vulnerable to disease. Learn more about common fruit tree diseases in this article.