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You & Me. This & That: Pronouns in Chinese

Learn the essential information about pronouns from Chinese, including referring to yourself and other people, asking questions and 'this' and 'that'.

I sit beside a Chinese lady at work, for a while she tried to teach me a new word in Cantonese every day...but she never told me about this. "Cantonese has 6 main tones;  What this means is, the same word (in theses examples Si or Foo) can have 6 different meanings depending on the tone. Yikes!

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Linguistic terms: "Mandarin & Cantonese: pronouns and question words .

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languageramblings: “mandarin & cantonese: subject pronouns and question words many thanks to @language-obsession and his two very useful posts on cantonese (which can be found here and here) some...

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Cantonese language, pronunciation and special characters

Details of the Cantonese or Yue, a variety of Chinese spoken in southern China and many parts of Southeast Asia by about 72 million people.