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Goat Head Pentagram by TurnRock.

Goat Head Pentagram by TurnRock - Thingiverse


euthanasia-for-mankind: “Drakkar” - the Viking longboat. Vessels very similar to this landed on North American shores (they called it “Vinland”) 500 years before Columbus discovered El Salvador

From The Hávamál, the Sayings of The High One(Wotan): Mildir frœknir menn bazt lifa sjaldan sút ala en ósnjallr maðr uggir hotvetna sýtir æ gløggr við gjöfum Generous, valiant men live best, and seldom nourish sorrow; but the cowardly man fears all sorts of things and the niggard is always troubled about gifts.

Odin, arrayed for battle armed with Gungnir and flanked by Hunin and Munin. The Norse did not believe their gods immortal. Even Odin, the chief of their pantheon was fated to die at Ragnarok, fighting the all-devouring Wolf, Fenrir.