Christian Liebler

Christian Liebler

Friedrichshafen / ... may be there is one thing - never-ending, always-on inspiration.
Christian Liebler
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mindblowingscience:  compoundchem:  Version 1 of ‘A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science’. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions earlier in the w...

Infographic: A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science. A brief detour from chemistry, branching out into science in general today. This graphic looks at the different factors that can contribute towards 'bad' science - it was inspired by the research I.

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Educational infographic & Data Infographic: Work is Learning (burst the training bubble). Image Description Infographic: Work is Learning (burst the trai

How are today's most innovative educators engaging with their students? The 2015 Innovating Pedagogy report proposes ten innovations to engage from: teachonline.