DIY - wooden coat rack from a branch #product_design #furniture_design. Cute and creative. ..

Awesome DIY Inspiration: Branch coat rack

his DIY branch coat rack is an incredible example of repurposing/recycling a natural object for a stunning effect in the home that’s also a really useful piece of furniture design! Your own DIY coat rack in disguise of a frosted tree

A cute project to do, take a walk and find the wood first and then make it in to a rack!

Friday Favourites: A Little Bit of Everything

DIY Tree-Branch Coat Rack: Cut/collect some small-ish branches (during a walk in the woods or from pruning trees).MAKE A COAT RACK!

holz kleiderständer selber bauen garderobe

Depending on closet space, this would be great for pretty things, or hats? Could also use as a way to hang photographs in the bedroom. This is a great nature inspired interior idea

Garderoben - Garderobe "Lee" - ein Designerstück von Wencke-Burzlaff bei DaWanda

Garderobe "Lee"

Herrendiener "Singles Interiors" von Emco

Herrendiener als praktischer Helfer: Herrendiener "Singles Interiors" von Emco

Kleiderständer aus Nussbaum und Beton // clothes rack by B.Pistorius via

STAMMHALTER Walnuss Beton Kleiderständer Garderobe