Blue & white "easter" eggs, Eier möglichst dunkel einfärben und Muster kratzen

Sgraffito on easter eggs [Ostereier Kratztechnik = "scratched easter eggs" in German.

egg design

Illustration of Easter eggs colorful with floral ornament for your design vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

There’s no one right way to decorate an Easter egg – cultures around the world have come up with their own ways to enjoy this ancient tradition, and all of them turn eggs into beautiful and symbolic works of art. Decorating eggs is a pre-Christian tradition (decorated ostrich eggs have been found in Sumerian and …

50+ Creative Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Site in Russian, and most of the eggs are painted rather than wax resist, but I love these patterns and motifs!

Here you’ll find informations about Polish pisanki (decorated Easter eggs): Short history 8 types of Polish Easter eggs Patterns Gallery of Polish pisanki

Handwerks-DIY: Osterei im Spitzenkleid | DaWanda Blog

Handwerks-DIY: Osterei im Spitzenkleid