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tunnel skylights with bathroom fan | Tubular Skylights with Ventilation | Power Upgrade Kit - Exhaust so finding this for a spring project

The Power Kit – Exhaust Fan for the Sky Tunnel is a ventilation system ideal for small bathrooms, toilets or anywhere you need to exhaust air from a room wh.


Double kite winder staircases made to measure

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1m² ™ in white  Really, really cool spiral design

This amazing space saving access solution incredibly fits into spaces where no stair has gone before. In a x space this innovative design can access small areas of the home reserved usually for ladders. The ™ is only available from EeStairs.

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IKEA hack railing - 3 pieces of the 55 cm Ikea Bygel rail used for steep loft ladder/stairs. Steep stair ladder, could be perfect for our future attic remodel.

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Tubular Skylight Venting This unique breakthrough combines all the daylight benefits of Tubular Skylights with a fan extraction system that can exhaust through either the eave or directly through a separate vent in the roof.