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Tour the best of North America, from bears and Northern Lights in Alaska, to the Bison and geysers in Yellowstone, to the whales in Monterey Bay.

Polar Bear Swims In Forming Pack Ice

Polar bear cub swims in newly forming pack ice & peers towards the photographer as the mother sits on shore, Arctic Alaska

Berry picking

magicalnaturetour: Kermode Bear in Crab Apple Tree, British Columbia, photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Photo of the Day, 10 August 2011 :)

A resident bear climbing a tree at the WSPA-funded sanctuary in Romania.

A resident bear climbing a tree at the World Animal Protection-funded sanctuary in Romania.

andy rouse two polar bears walking togethr in svalbard norway

'Polar Bear Mother And Cub Walking Away' - photo by Andy Rouse; Polar bears have non-retractable claws that act like ice-picks, and the soles of the feet act like suction cups so the polar bear can easily walk on ice.