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On our website you can find tweezers, Magnifier, Loupes and more. Ameisenhaltung, Ameisen, Ameisen als Haustiere, Antkeeping, Ants, Antkeeper, new york…
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Connection Tubing (3 ft / 1 m) by ANT SHACK - Modular Ant Habitats  #antlove #ant #antkeeping #hormigas #ameisenhaltung #antcolony #🐜 #antsitalia #camponotus #antsofinstagram


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Feeder Dish „Nature“ by FORMICA - Modular Ant Farm Kit  #ameisen #formicarium #antnest #antkeeping #ameise #antfarm #ant #Formicidae #formiche #antfarmkit


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"Leafcutter ant cuts leaves to use as subtrate for their Fungus Farms. Their societies are among the most complex of social insects. You'll never have to worry about our insects fading. All of our displays are made with 99% UV Blocking glass a unique and uncommon quality found in our displays. * A1 Museum Conservation Quality Archival Real Framed Butterflies & Insect Displays * All Made With 99% UV Blocking Conservation glass and Archival/Acid Free materials * Offering All Class of Insects *
Unfair, they have SIX legs! Photographer uses skill (and patience) to capture…

Ant Pictures

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Antnest / Formicarium

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Today i have some cotton for antkeepers. You can use it for ant test tubes. Antkeeping // Ameisenhaltung // Ameisen
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Pinzetten / Tweezers

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Antkeeping - Cleaning the Formicarium - Tetramorium Ants
In Antkeeping you have to keep the Formicarium Clean. You have to Pick Out the leftovers. I have the tweezers i used in my EtsyShop.
a pair of scissors sitting on top of each other
Becker Manicure Pinzette vernickelt, spitz
Pheidole Megacephala Ant Colony - Keeping Ants - Antkeeping
Pheidole Megacephala Ant Colony 🐜 • My Colony is doing great and they are growing fast in numbers. • I can't really tell how strong the colony is, because I let them nest in a Dirt-Setup In my Etsy shop you can find some good Tweezers for Antkeeping • use the Code "Antkeeping" to get a discount
Antkeeping - Tetramorium Erectum Ants
Watch these Tetramorium Ants swarm a roach to get protein to feed their young
small brown berries hanging from the branches of a bushy tree in front of a black background
Army ants forming a bridge
some brown and black berries on top of each other
Eciton - Alex Wild
Eciton burchellii bivouac. Maquipucuna reserve, Pichincha, Ecuador
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a group of ants crawling on top of a rock in the middle of some dry grass
a group of ants crawling on the side of a dirt road next to a wire
Big Headed Ant Pheidole Megacephala getting protein for the young
Big Headed Ant - Pheidole Megacephala • I fed them half a roach Visit my Etsy Shop for high Quality Tweezers made out of Stainless Steel. • safe 12% with the Code *Antkeeping* • Worldwide shipping
Pheidole Megacephala - Big Headed Ant