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Vitamix Green ABC Smoothies from - As presented in the (Vitamix) ABC Green Smoothies Guide, Smoothies are FUN and EASY to MAKE! Indeed, they are. Using this simple guide, you can easily experiment and try many different tastes and more textures. See how to start @
Grüne Smoothies: Was könnt ihr in den Mixer schmeißen?
Quinoa-Burger mit Mozzarellafüllung
Low-Carb Proteineis
DAS ist das neue Superfood:
Zutaten für 1 große Portion 300ml Mandelmilch 1 ordentliche Prise gemahlene Vanille 1 große, reife Banane 2 gehäufte Tl Kakao 50g Chia-Samen Mandelblättchen
Chia Samen - wie anwenden und Rezepte
Normal Recipe: Nutella and Banana Pastry Purses The purses totally opened while baking, but they were still delicious!! Blätterteig Nutella Teilchen
Braided Nutella Bread
Rezept: Erdbeer-Kokos-Tiramisu