Rustic Design Styles | Modern Rustic

Rustic design of the living/dining area in the house. Timber ceiling with large beams and fireplace work in unison to create this warm and inviting atmosphere in the area.

Waschtisch selber bauen

Waschtisch selber bauen – ausführliche Anleitung und praktische Tipps

篠山城下町ホテル NIPPONIA

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Designed by Farzan Nemat von MSTRF

A triumph of modern design based in classical principles, the Abaci Series Coffee Table is made in accordance with the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence. Handcrafted using solid walnut and enhanced with bright and dark wood coating, this low pro.

kusamono and shitakusa

Shitakusa & Kusamono

kusamono (literally "grass thing") and shitakusa (literally "undergrass") are potted collection of plants designed to either be viewed in accompaniment with bonsai, or alone.

八島建築設計事務所|Yashima architect and associates | 辻堂の家 / Tsujido house

八島建築設計事務所|Yashima architect and associates | 辻堂の家 / Tsujido house

modern beige bathroom design

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Designs With Soft and Neutral Color Decor Ideas

So glad to show the beautiful pic of our ‪ black bathtub choosen by Fap ceramiche for a shooting of their ‪ collections!