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the stairs are lit up with leds and there is also a potted plant
Futuristic Finesse: Smart Lighting Solutions for Cutting-Edge Staircases
Wooden Stair Riser Lights: Combine functionality and aesthetics with wooden stair riser lights. These subtle fixtures seamlessly blend into your staircase, providing both safety and a warm, natural ambiance. See more on Nymphs Daily Blog.
a staircase with plants in the center and stairs leading up to it's second floor
OGDS / 2
an elegant staircase with marble steps leading up to the second floor
the stairs are made of concrete and have plants growing in them, along with glass doors
Stairs decor ideas
there is a stair case in the middle of this room with white tiles on the walls
House of the Tree by Kokaistudios
an indoor swimming pool with stairs leading up to the upper floor and glass railings
there is a planter with plants on the stairs
15+ Best Staircase Design Ideas for Small Space|| Stylish Home Decor Ideas| Best Home Stylish Stairs
the stairs are made of wood and glass
Contemporary Twilight | DKOR Interiors Inc. | Archinect
two potted plants sitting on top of white steps in front of a staircase with lights
Interior Planters Ideas
a staircase with glass railing and wooden steps
Mono Stringer Stairs
a modern staircase in the middle of a room with potted plants on either side