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Das Geheimnis aller Geheimnisse – Die Smaragdtafeln von Thoth – Tafel XV  - Nun versammle meine Kinder, damit sie das Geheimnis aller Geheimnisse erfahren, das euch Kraft geben wird, den Gott-Menschen zu entfalten, das euch den Weg zum ewigen Leben geben wird. Ich werde di...

Or should I say Tablets worth reading! :) These tablets are transformational, full of hope, light, love and guidance. The Emerald Tablet - Thought to be the earliest recording of human awareness of the law of attraction.

Assyrian tree of life 2400-600 BC

Assyrian tree of life BC. Folklore: Above is the winged sun-disk of Egypt, the borrowed symbol of the Assyrian Sun-god Assur, shooting deadly arrows. Below is the beautiful symbol of the tree of life, which originated in old Babylonia.

Assyria: Nimrud, Iraq. The Neo-Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 BC) built…

The Neo-Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II BC) built his magnificent Northwest Palace at Nimrud (now in northern Iraq). Its interior decoration featured a series of remarkable carved stone panels. The detailed reliefs on display in Rooms of.


Links between astrolabe & astrology. On 1 side is an astrolabe 4 a single latitude & on th other an astrological volvelle, th positions f planets & other celestial bodies, especially in relation traditional astrological houses


Head of a king Period: Sasanian Date: ca. century Geography: Iran Culture: Sasanian Medium: Silver, mercury gilding Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 7 in. x x 20 cm) Classification: Metalwork-Sculpture Credit Line: Fletcher Fund, 1965

Assyrian Staues in Museums: Sumuramat (Shamiram) Assyrian Queen,805-801 BC

Assyrian Statue, the Queen Shumirum or Shamiram or Semiramis (For ancient Greeks she was the legendary queen of king Ninus, succeeding him to the throne of Assyria) BC.