Party Ideen für die Olympischen Spiele

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Make a Rainbow Bubble Snake from materials you undoubtedly already have around your home.

Toss Hula Hoop Over Balloon Game: Sunshine, balloons, hula hoops-what more could you ask for? This outdoor party game combines fun and learning as it allows kids to improve their gross motor skills and basic math skills.

Hang coffee cans (or dollar store buckets) from tree at different levels, paint scores of 20 on lowest, 40 on next, then 100 on highest. Use small, handheld dry erase or chalkboards for scorekeeping.

Drive-In Movie party with individual cardboard cars? This is the cutest! Cars Home Celebration

Kreative Kindergeburtstags-Ideen, die nicht viel kosten

Geschicklichkeitsspiele selber bauen

Ein Geschicklichkeitsspiel wie dieses hier kann man leicht selbst bauen. Vor allem für Kinder ist das Spiel super spannend. Wir zeigen, wie man das Spiel baut.

DIY Summer Outdoor Activities For Kids & Adults. Great game for birthday parties or picnics. Cut shapes in a tarp & outline cut edges with duct tape.