How To: Make A Paperback Christmas Tree

Easy Christmas Craft Tutorial: how to make a folded paper christmas tree from a paperback book NOTE : 30 pages is if you go by the page numbers, only 15 if you count sheets of paper.

Für alte, kaputte und unbrauchbare Bücher eine schöne Idee. Alle anderen würde ich behalten oder verschenken!

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

Tags are cut from old recycled books; print off or stamp designs of choice; punch hole, reinforce, thread with string, twine or yarn. Tag crafting caddy - old books punched and ready to go.

Neuigkeiten mal anders: Eier in Zeitungspapier.

Happy Easter - some eggs with newsprint and tissue tape and a little Easter nest in an old English muffins mold with some paper grass, chocolate bunnies and eggs

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

Create gift bags from old book pages. Stamp a bird design on an old book page which has been cut 1 to 2 inches shorter than a second page. Sew or glue edges together. Secure with a brad or decorative button and small Velcro dots.

Upcycling-Ideen: Der Bücher Hocker

Dutch company Sledgecorner created unique upcycle design furniture called BookPouf made out of upcycling discarded stacked books with hard covers.