Cannister Vac

Metro® Full Size Canister Vacuum This looks like an ancient electrolux vacuum I had many years ago!

Chicken Soup Spice Set

Chicken Soup Spice Set: If Mom can't be there to whip up a batch of her homemade chicken soup, send them off with the ingredients (celery seeds, toasted coriander powder, crushed Marash chili powder, and more) for making their own pot.

Bird Feeder

Terra cotta teardrop crafts a modern rustic feeding station for feathered friends. Unglazed bottom contrasts with its luminous blue top half, laced with a sturdy rope for hanging and outfitted with a wood perch.

Llama Wool Beanies

Handknit in Bolivia, our baby llama wool beanie hat is less prone to piling thanks to its long wool fibers. Purl knit with cuff finish.


I like our French press, but I still really want a Chemex. Chemex 8 Cup Coffee Maker in Coffee Makers

Under Surface Light

Lim C Under Surface 16" Desk Lamp

Glass Shelf

Our Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table's tailored lines and compact footprint make it a great small-space solution. The marble top, solid wood legs and brass brackets weather well the more you use it.