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Lotus Mandala.. Really thinking about tweeking this and getting a thigh piece...:

The lotus flower is the most popular flower tattoos. It is a feminine, delicate and very attractive spiritual and philosophical design, but also one of great significance, value.

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Ornamental tattoo on the upper stomach / between the breasts. Very delicate. Brown color would be gorgeous, too. --- I like the overall shape of this, definitely will factor that in when I think of my own tattoo to go there.

Back Tattoos - Small and gorgeous mandala tattoo on the back

A henna tattoo or also know as temporary tattoos are a hot commodity right now. Somehow, people has considered the fact that henna designs are tattoos.

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LTW Tattoo & Piercing en Instagram: “by @manultw #ltwtattoo #tattoo”

LTW Tattoo & Piercing en Instagram: “by @manultw #ltwtattoo #tattoo”


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