Auf jeder seite in jedem Buch ist ein Teil eines großen Bildes. wenn man alle Bücher gleichzeitig blättert, hat man imer wieder neue Geschichten/Bilder

Book Paintings Ekaterina Panikanova via Colossal Artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses old books and other documents as a canvas for some seriously unbelievable paintings. They're almost collages, really. See more over at Colossal.


Make time to read things you enjoy. Photo: Woman reading on park bench, Central Park, New York, 1957

kücheneinrichtungen henkel glas holz wasserfall dekorativ

In store coffee cup waterfall, with hooks near the coffee bar. just a hanging storage decor. white colour coffee cups gives a pleasent look and the shape of the cups are different from each other.

Robert doisneau .

Your name: Dominique V Photographers name: Robert Doisneau Title of Photograph: Growing Up Artist Bio: Education?: Doisneau studied at the .

Inspiration mit flexhelp Food Truck Marketing #streetfood

I love the idea of a coffee bar/stand. No frills. Decata Café, Buenos Aires Gardenista - Photography by Sophia Moreno-Bunge

Color, texture, and repetitive design of plumes make this a spectacular showcase as winter approaches.

Interior Einrichtungsideen für wenig Geld

Diese 7 Materialien machen exklusives Interieur mit wenig Geld möglich

Gerade in die Kamera schauend / als Ganzkörperaufnahme (von Kopf bis Fuß inkl. Schuhe) / mittig

Paris has a lot of people carrying baguettes! "Lots of baguettes. Lots and lots of French people carrying baguettes. We will make sure that you have baguettes to carry too!

"Jelena!" Joseph bangs on her door. The Guardian of Fire looks up from the kitchen table. Trying to figure out, what the Guardian of Earth wants from her.

Even indoors, try to find as much natural light as possible! It can work well to achieve a golden-hour hue. WHEN YOU SHOOT INSIDE OPEN THE WINDOWS! (unless you're using specific lights indoors).

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