The Christkind, bearing a basket of toys and apples, prepares to enter a house.

They have been called our "fellow-citizens." We all have something to do with one another--God doesn't create in separate compartments. - Dorothy Donnelly, "God and the Apple of His Eye" ✨

Christopsomo is a special bread made in Greece to show the end of fasting and the start of the Christmas feast. This bread is made in large sweet loaves of various shapes and the crusts are engraved and decorated in some way that reflects the family's profession

Christopsomo - or Jesus' bread - special bread baked in Greece on the day of Christmas Eve ~ Note: use translator for this web-site.

Pajaki are traditional decorations which are handmade paper chains made to look like chandeliers. This traditional decoration originated in a town called Lowicz and translates to "spider of straw"

Pajaki--A Polish decoration The literal translation is "spiders of straw" and they are a form of polish folk art made from paper, wool and yarn. They originate in the village of Lowicz which is very close to Warsaw, Poland.

Turron de Yema Tostada (Spanish Toasted Yolk Nougat)

Turron de Yema Tostada - This delicious artisan Toasted Yolk Nougat is an exquisite, traditionally crafted combination of almonds and cooked, sweetened egg-yolk.

In fourth-century Greece, a bishop named St. Nicolas gave gifts to children after inquiring about their behavior over the past year. The main quality of St Nicholas was his gift giving to good boys and girls.

Most Santa stories have a common thread: his signature gift-giving spirit, at least to good girls and boys. In fourth-century Greece, a bishop named St.

The night before Christmas, children go from door to door offering good wishes for the season and singing kalanda or carols accompanied by the sounds of triangles. Gifts are given on Saint Basil’s Day, the first day of January

Celebrating Christmas in an Older Greece

Every year children – and some Gypsy men – come around singing ‘kalanda,’ carols here in Greece. They do this on two days: Christmas Eve day and New Year’s Eve day for St. Basil’s…

Special tasks carried out during Advent are the baking of the Christmas piernik or honey cake/gingerbread. Which has been made since the middles ages in the city of Torun

PL gingerbread from Torun - List of cookies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oplatek is a traditional food found in Poland which is a piece of bread pressed with a holy picture. This food is more significant because it is shared with family and close neighbors. When sharing the bread the people sharing must forgive each other for any past year and wish each other happiness in future years.

Oplatki Christmas Wafers (Oplatek)

My favourite part of christmas as a child, sharing holy bread with my family