Liebe ist ein großes Wort es sollte mehr Buchstaben haben.

Friend In memory of my best friend, Meridith blessed So true Love is such a big word it realy should have more letters

Das Leben ist ein einmaliges Angebot, nutze es gut!

"Life is a one time offer, use it well." And even when there are more, this life still is a one time offer!

Wie wäre es mit einem romantischen Picknick am Wochenende?

Spring sunshine, the perfect chance to eat outside. This a picnic under a blossom tree looks beautiful.

Keine Schönheit leuchtet heller als die von einem guten Herzen.

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart ❤️So true, I can't think of anyone I thought was pretty who had a bad heart

Phantasie ist alles.

quote imagination typography saying inspiration art creative individuality

Sinnlos ist ein Leben ohne Unsinn.

Sinnlos ist ein Leben ohne Unsinn (a life without nonsense is pointless)

Romantische Augenblicke finden.

Look through the heart in the tree.God's love is shinning for you and for me. For God So Loved The World, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believeth In Him Should Not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life.

Der Glauben soll größer sein als die Angst.

Inspirational Quote - Fear Quote - Sunflower Photograph - mounted print wall art - Let Your Faith Be Bigger than Your Fear - God is always there for you, talk to him, ask for help, ask for guidance.and remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Zuerst sich selbst lieben.

love yourself first love love quotes life quotes positive quotes photography beautiful flowers pretty life quote love quote. God & I are still working on this one, big time. I have to learn to forgive myself to, God & I are working on this as well.

Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt.

nothing ventured, nothing gained . Something I've been trying to keep in mind every day! Time's ah-wastin' .

Wir können die Segel richtig setzen.

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude.