floating bed

~~ Floating bed, how does this work? There is nothing supporting it that I can see and my walls wouldnt hold up to something this long without some kind of extra support system ~~

Glazing Vision Rooflights, Skylights and Glass Roofs- Sliding Over Roof Rooflights

Glazing Vision Rooflights, Skylights and Glass Roofs… -- Article ideas / Terrace Ideas For Articles on Best of Modern Design - So many good things!

If I could have a Harry Potter room this would be the door you went through to get to it. It would obviously be filled with Harry Potter books and other HP related things.

over the door bookshelf. I'm going to have the door frame, over every opening.


Entryway Decorations / IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS: Entryway Design Ideas - CotCozy --- Love the idea of a full length mirror placed right by the front door.

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VITRAL Skyvision is the flat rooflight that maximizes the amount of natural daylight without intrusive framing being visible from beneath. VITRAL has a modular skylight which comes complete with kerb for installation onto flat and shallow pitched roofs. U-value - Skyvision glass rooflight exceeds Part L Building Regulation with a U value of 1.24 W/m²K. It can be installed on a flat roof at 4° up to a slope of 15°.

VITRAL Skyvision is the flat rooflight that maximizes the amount of natural…


Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France My dream room, with a more comfy chair and a blanket.maybe a bay window.

Bilco roof hatch - use this from mudroom to roof deck.

Roof hatch ideas vary as much as roofs do. Roof hatches have to provide easy roof access whether you need it for maintenance of the roof or to