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Emergency Shelter for Disaster Relief: 8 sheets of 2 in 4 x 8 ft foil back insulation and a couple rolls of foil duct tape, a few eye hooks, and some paracord. Sturdy, wind and rain proof shelter. So so so simple. Survival Shelter, Camping Survival, Survival Prepping, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Skills, Camping Hacks, Emergency Shelters, Camping Ideas, Sustainable Living

Eco Homes: HOMErgent Shelters help the needy in a sustainable fashion - Ecofriend

What's the point of buying an eco house if it doesn't last? That defeats the purpose completely. HOMErgent Shelters belong to this category of houses.

Brilliant Bamboo House Uses Ground Water For Natural Cooling. Gallery Of Energy Efficient Bamboo House Studio Cardenas . Bamboo Floors And Wood Window Trim Bamboo Hardwood . System Architecture, Bamboo Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Architecture Details, Triangular Architecture, Bamboo Structure, Modular Structure, Metal Structure, Structural Model

Penda's Fastener-Free, Re-usable Bamboo Structural System - Core77

Something you see a lot of in New York is workers assembling or disassembling a metal scaffold, but you almost never see them made out of new-looking pipes. The banged-up metal is a testament to how much use they see over their lifetimes. In contrast, you'll also see workers assembling...

The 'ShelterPack' is a disaster relief home designed to fit a bedroom, bathroom… Tyni House, Shipping Container Homes, Modular Homes, Survival Gear, Outdoor Storage, Industrial Design, Inventions, House Plans, Yanko Design

House.zip – Compressed Living

If you really look at architecture, it's nothing but vertical walls between a floor plane and a ceiling plane. If those walls were collapsible, your entire

Foldable Disaster Housing That Literally Pops Up Modular Housing, Modular Homes, Kiosk Design, Booth Design, Mobile Architecture, Architecture Design, Emergency House, Emergency Shelters, Homeless Housing

Foldable Disaster Housing That Literally Pops Up

There's plenty of 'pop-up' architecture out there, but that usually just means a building's in a spot temporarily, rather than physically popping up. This is a little different. Buenos Aires architects Matías Alter and Matías Carrizo have designed disaster relief housing that ca...

We have shown quite a few emergency shelter designs, but Rafael Smith may have come up with the first high-density multi-storey one. "This project is a shelter solution that meets the needs of emergency response but also provides victims with a Cultural Architecture, Architecture Design, Mobile Architecture, Tyni House, Shelter Design, Survival Shelter, Emergency Shelters, Emergency House, Emergency Response

Design (for) Disaster: 14 Emergency Shelter Concepts - WebEcoist

Emergency settlements made up of flimsy, impersonal white tents could be a thing of the past as architects offer up incredible designs for disaster shelters that are portable, easy to assemble, durable, comfortable, adaptable and made of eco-friendly materials. Ranging from an improbable pop-up skyscraper on an

greenroofed Hobbit home anyone can build in just 3 days Magic Green Homes underground architecture underground homes green roof prefab housing prefab vaulted panels green. Green Magic Homes, Green Homes, Homestead Property, Earth Sheltered Homes, Underground Homes, Underground House Plans, Green Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Contemporary Architecture

A new twist on tiny house living, the prefab Eco-Friendly Hobbit system is virtually indestructible, and takes advantage of earth sheltering to optimize energy use. Learn more about Magic Green…

LIFElink Emergency Shelter by Jordan Cleland Survival Shelter, Survival Prepping, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Gear, Survival Skills, Emergency Shelters, Survival Clothing, Outdoor Survival, Homeless Housing

LIFElink Emergency Shelter also provides an emotional haven to victims - Designbuzz

No matter how prepared we are, a calamity- natural or man made- always leaves its victims in extreme distress. To provide those affected by a particular event- floods, fire, and tornado etc- with a proper and effective emergency home that not only acts.

wikihouse open source cnc tiny home design. Can be assembled without tools Log Cabin Sheds, Tiny Log Cabins, Cabin Homes, Tiny House Loft, Tiny House Design, Plywood Furniture, Furniture Design, Low Cost Housing, Affordable Housing

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WikiHouse is a collaborative R&D project to bring about a digital revolution in the way we make homes.

Building a Hexayurt for BurningMan. A hexayurt is a shelter designed for refugees and other people with a small housing budget. It's also for "recreational refugees" like Black Rock City residents, if built with rigid insulation. Burning Man Camps, Burning Man 2015, Camper Trailer Tent, Solar Cooker, Shelter Design, In Case Of Emergency, Just In Case, Burns, Houses

Hexayurt playa - Appropedia: The sustainability wiki

Building a Hexayurt for BurningMan. A hexayurt is a shelter designed for refugees and other people with a small housing budget. It's also for "recreational refugees" like Black Rock City residents, if built with rigid insulation.

The biggest problem with campers, trailers and other mobile home designs is the intrinsic limitation on space imposed by the open road - the paradoxical lack of Mobile Architecture, Architecture Design, Small Space Living, Small Spaces, Trailers, Kombi Motorhome, Design Innovation, Cool Tents, Portable House

Fold-Out Mobile Home Design

This transforming travel trailer offers even more space than RV slide outs thanks to its fan-like fold out design revealing multiple rooms.

The Compact Shelter designed by Alastair Pryor pops up and down in less than two minutes Mobile Architecture, Architecture Design, Homeless Housing, Design Innovation, Underground Shelter, Portable Shelter, Temporary Architecture, Shelter Design, Compact

Collapsible Compact Shelter pops up in under two minutes

Young Australian humanitarian and social entrepreneur, Alastair Pryor has created a foldable crisis relief shelter for disaster victims and the housing displaced. Dubbed Compact Shelter, the portable dwelling boasts an innovative design that is simple to use, collapsible and lightweight.

2014 black rock park burning man the siesta occidental oasis Trailer Casa, Burning Man Camps, Cabana, Mobile Architecture, Black Rock Desert, Shelter Design, Platonic Solid, Giant Flowers, Geodesic Dome

The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man

All over the world, participants of Burning Man live the entire year in anticipation of the month of August. In about two weeks, the yearly event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada (which is expected to host 60,000 people) will begin, and Black Rock City will burst out of the desert floor like a giant flower. During the last week of August until Labor Day, these residents will live in their own shelters that they've brought out to the event. These shelters take on many forms: from berber…

Hex House by Architects for Society refugee crisis housing architecture news Small House Architecture, Architecture Design, Amazing Architecture, Hexagon House, Emergency House, Emergency Shelters, Low Cost Housing, Structural Insulated Panels, Building Facade

Architects for Society creates low-cost hexagon refugee houses

Minnesota-based Architects for Society has developed a prototype for a rapidly deployable dwelling that could house victims of catastrophic events.