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Norman Reedus I love his attitude on life! Norman is living life to the fullest. He shows it in his art, career, and walk of life. Rock on Norm!

@Christina Morrah @Christine Uhall Lichius ...Well hello Mr. Scruffy McScruffleface.

He may or may not be one of the reasons i watch Walking Dead!) but serious if Daryl dies, we riot! Reedus is one of the main reasons i started watching at all!

Manchmal ist es gut, alle Ihre Karten auf den Tisch zu werfen, zu wissen, was Sie wollen beide ... Norman Reedus.

My Reedus Addiction is my page to appreciate the perfection that is Norman Reedus. In all seriousness though, yes he is hot, but that's not all! Norman Reedus is a multi-talented man that should be.