Restaurant in the Burj Al Arab hotel. Dubai

27 Most Amazing Restaurants in the World with Spectacular Views. Wait Till You See - Atchuup!

Burj al arab hotel. Dubai

World's highest tennis court: Burj Al-Arab, Dubai, UAE (I probably wouldn't play tennis, but I want to be up there!

Treehotel Suecia

22 of the most secluded hotels on earth; Treehotel in Harads, Sweden

Hotel V8 Alemania

10 Cool Room Designs for Car Enthusiasts : Simple Car Bedroom Themed With White Classic Car Red White Headboard And Unique Tv Stand

Catalonia y Vueling crean Hoteles Vueling by HC

Vueling : and Hoteles Catalonia launching branded hotels

Treehotel Suecia

The Bird’s Nest Tree House (Sweden) . This tree house, by the creators of the Tree Hotel, might confuse the birds even more. Although it looks like a massive nest from the outside, the house has a modern and high-standard room built inside.

Hotel Montaña Mágica en Chile

The owner of this hotel loved tree houses when he was a kid.

The owner of this hotel loved tree houses when he was a kid."la montaña mágica lodge" (the magic mountain) biological reserve Huilo Huilo, Chile

Icehotel Suecia

IceHotel 2011

Furniture Design Bedroom with Super Decoration: Wonderful IceHotel Interior With Minimalist White Bedroom Design Ideas With Black Bedding St.

Das Park Hotel Austria

das Parkhotel (Drain Pipe Hotel)Austria Made from recycled drain pipes. There is actually no set fee to say in the Drain Pipe Hotel, you pay what you can and that is enough for them. (What a super idea).