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Each anniversary, hold the picture from the year before! This is such a cute idea!!

Every anniversary, take a picture with last year's photo. Imagine what it will look like in 50 years! Take one year anniversary picture holding a wedding picture.

Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies  Hahahaha!

"Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies Metal Garden Yard Sign Walker oh i so want this sign. me and lucien are addicted to walking dead. ha ha ha" no idea who wrote that or why, but apparently this is joe walker-relevant.

i just died.

I feel like the ostrich is jack sparrow running down the beach and the cheetah is the tribe people in Dead Man's Chest. Just sayin.

I need this for my bathroom!!!!

Zombie Apocalypse: Wash your Hands by Artwork Enclosed on Gilt Home- perfect for the bathroom

Johnny Depp must be doing something good…

Johnny Depp must be doing something good…

The next Pirates of the Caribbean film has been delayed beyond its planned 2015 release. Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which sees Johnny Depp returning for his fifth

Star Wars meal

I give my friends/family full permission to throw me a Star Wars themed party for my upcoming birthday. Maybe not Clone Wars. But Star Wars is good.

Amelia Pond as see by Vincent

"If Amy Pond can soldier on then so can Vincent Van Gogh." "I’m not soldering on, I’m fine." "Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness." "I’m not sad." "Then why are you crying? It’s alright, I understand." "I’m not sure I do.

Ian Mckellen. Gandalf. Magneto. Lord of the Rings. Frodo. Bilbo. Stryder. Mordor. Shire. Wizard. Magic. Magik THIS MAN>everyone else. Awesome!! It doesn't get any cooler. Wish he was healthy

The shirt originally said, "Some people are gay. Original pin: Get over it." They were made as part of a demonstration for gay rights in the UK. Sir Ian McKellen has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights.

Schnurrbart Moustache Vorlage Schablone Strohhalm Strohhalme basteln Party-Gag Anleitung DIY kostenlos fertig

Schnurrbart Moustache Vorlage Schablone Strohhalm Strohhalme basteln Party-Gag… (How To Make Bracelets With Straws)

Creepy desktop background…

Creepy desktop background…

Funny pictures about Creepy desktop background. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy desktop background. Also, Creepy desktop background.

Don't Grow Up ll Print

Inspirational Art "Smile More" Typography Print Motivational Wall Decor Watercolor Poster Home Decor Quote Minimalist