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Prayers are powerful things..                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Meditation, Submitting your body and mind to the universe for all light to gather and transcend into your soul and shine outward with your smile.

Autumn Magick by ArtbyLadyViktoria on Etsy

~ ❧ Autumn Magick ❧ ~ There is a special magick to be had at the changing of seasons from light to dark. The air grows colder, the shadows deeper and the nights longer.

Mandarinen Kürbisse für die Halloween Party - ein Stift und ein Beutel Mandarinen reicht aus. #DIY #mandarinen #kürbisse #halloween

Mandarin Pumpkins: Now you have an excuse to put Halloween "pumpkins" all over your house. This healthy Halloween treat and snacks will keep your kids in the Halloween spirit without all the sugar. Find more easy and healthy Halloween treats here.