Reiki meditation tool

Relax and look at it with the tv, phone and radio off for 5 minutes breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Drawing Reiki Symbols

How to Draw the Reiki Symbols - Infographic

Mudra für die Heilung und die zunehmende Ausstrahlung Mukula Mudra oder Beak Mudra kann auf zwei Arten durchgeführt werden.

MUDRA - Mukula Mudra: Mudra for Healing & Increasing Radiance. Mukula Mudra or Beak Mudra Can Be Practiced in 2 Ways.

"You already know everything...To learn is to remember." ♥ -We Are Human Angels

Furthur Daze Between SanFrancisco Show Poster by artist Jeff Wood/Drowning Creek Studio from Zen Dragon Gallery