Berlin / 6th Viral Video Award 2013 - done by @interfilm_Bln & @zuckerberlin & @boell_stiftung -
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Best Viral 2013: "Follow the Frog".  #ViralVideoAward #Winner #BestViral

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), the global non-profit who showcases 'ideas worth spreading' through their global conferences has revealed the top ten Ads Worth Spreading 2013 on Tuesday, their third ever challenge in the series.

Viral Video Award Nominee 21/21 "Ultra Reality". Vote for the Audience Award at   #Prankvertising   #Prankvertisement

Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation? - To show off the image clarity of their new 84 inch Ultra HD TV, LG frightened unsuspecting job applicants in Chile by staging a fake meteor crash during their interview.

John St. takes #prankvertising  to a whole new level.

exFEARiential - Canadian ad agency St John has created a brilliant spoof mocking the prankvertising craze. Babies are snatched from mothers and people are dragged from their beds at gunpoint all in the name of exFEARiential advertising.

Viral Video Award Nominee 16/21 "The video Shell doesn't want you to see". Vote for the Audience Award at   #Greenpeace   #SaveTheArctic

The video Shell doesn't want you to see. Shell's priceless Grand Prix moment BREAKING: Our Rundle Grand Prix ceremony video has been banned .

Viral Video Award Nominee 14/21 "Protect Yourself". Vote for the Audience Award at

Viral Video Award 2013 Nominee - Protect Yourself

Viral Video Award 2013 Ceremony

November 2013 at 9 pm at Roter Salon (Volksbühne Berlin) during the International Short Film Festival Berlin organized by interfilm Berlin.

Viral Video Award Nominee 12/21 "MCP ". Vote for the Audience Award at   #Viral   #ViralVideoAward

Controversial video created by students of a film academy: The Collision-Prevent-Assist-System of Mercedes works well. What if it would have been developed ages ago? What if it would be a lot better we expected?