yarn bowl

Make yarn bowls with paper mache paste and your pile of yarn scraps. Wrap mixing bowl with Saran Wrap. Dip yarn in paste and apply to outside of bowl.

Oranges and cloves add magical scent your home!

Easy and Cheap Winter Centerpiece ? DIY Creative Oranges Cloves Pomander Balls for Christmas Weddings or Halloween 'pumpkins

Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities: Having Fun, Meeting Needs:Amazon.co.uk:Books

This valuable resource for people working with adults with learning disabilities provides over 60 sessions of fun and engaging activities that aim to entertain and stimulate the minds of people with learning disabilities. The sessions are divided into di

Empowering Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Creative Arts Therapies Approach

Gain fresh new tools for helping adults with developmental disabilities in this video with Dr. Stephen Snow, who demonstrates therapeutic expressive arts techniques in a unique ethnodramatherapy model.

Activity Ideas for Developmentally Disabled Adults | eHow

Activity Ideas for Developmentally Disabled Adults