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This was all in the top Unalome Lotus Tattoo Designs. I hope you will drive some inspiration from these trendy designs if you are planning for this aesthet

Fuacing lies your beautiful -kisse your hand- princessand dont ever belive this you are loved these are not words of a all knowing god but a dog who knows little of what he speeks this is bullcrap from an asshole whos mother was a dog you are a catipiler spinning its caccon and oneday your colors run wild over you as you fly far away from this deseased land you were brought to and i will wait for that day and fly by your side if you alow it

You are not unloveable. it's serious depression that "tells" you this.

follow me and ill follow u back I u go through this

Do you have self harm scars? I'm NOT proud of them AT ALL, and I'm still cutting once and a while-- same. At first it didn't seem like 'cutting' but self harm is self harm.


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