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All 'bout the good ol' times
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I love this, the hair, the makeup, the flower

pin up sexy black retro flower hair up do curls long wavy hair.but imagine sandy blonde balayage with a light pink flower (my soon to be hair) ahhhh

i  would have been much  happier in this time period. I wish being a sexy housewife and full time mother could have been an option. I would have  embraced it.

Dita Von Teese is a classy, vintage-loving lady, and I am pretty much obsessed with her home -- as featured in In Style. Her retro kitchen is amazing! I'm obsessing over her kitchen. Black and white checkered floors!

pinup hair and makeup..i want to play around with a shoot like this

pinup hair and makeup. I don't like the piercings but love the vintage hair and makeup

Maybe not so sexualized

Domestic Goddess baking an apple pie. The best cooks & Bakers usually are.

Retro Baker

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