New York New York New York

move and thrive in nyc. "Dream like New York. As high as the skyline. Aim for the stars above those city lights. Gotta dream like New York. I'm running down Broadway. Gotta catch the next train.

Barcelona, España - Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain Taking cues from modern Gothic and Oriental techniques, the early Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí wanted to create organic, urban spaces in the city he loved.

Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin. The old palace was built by Friedrich I, the first King in Prussia, and named after his wife, Sophie Charlotte.

Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin, Germany, and the only surviving royal residence in the city dating back to the time of the Hohenzollern family.

Berlin - Berliner Dome

Berlin, Germany ~ The Berliner Dome, I went inside of this, pretty amazing! A lot of dead people in the crypt, it was awesome

Lake Anna Sunset

Lake Anna, VA Grandmother had a house in walking distance and we spent most summers

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