Generative drawing created using dice and colored pencil.
Departure Point #7 | Val Britton
VINEC 006 (OCTOBER 2005) // The sixth poster in a series of nine about the road between Arnhem and Nijmegen. The poster shows all accidents happened 1998 and 2003.
f8 Conference | The Design Portfolio of Ben Barry
Urban Growth Strategy #01
Networkism | Emma McNally |
All sizes | Departure Point #1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Weitere Ideen
Map by Eric Fischer    Map showing Twitter traffic based on location, noting, "Broadway as the spine is not difficult to believe. Data from the Twitter streaming API (10000 points, 30000 vectors). Base map from OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA."
Chart II detail (visible matter)  Emma McNally ~ETS #starchart #astronomy
network diagram - citations scraped from an academic architectural journal
Holscher Krohn Rasmussen. Architectural Review v.147 n.878 Apr 1970: 318
Erin Hegg | Untitled, 2013 | charcoal
Mark Bradford
Certain architectures and cities are designed to perpetually reconfigure perspective, engaging it to shift slowly from one perception to another. There is a sense of rested sight, but it is an illusion. The lines of roads, buildings, signs, structures and walkways are drawn so that the mind is in motion, taking in portions rather than points.These design avoid the effect, which occurs over time where perspective gets embedded around a certain point and the world shifting around it gets lost…
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