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a collage of photos with pink flowers and red sweaters on mannequins
Beeknitched's Fluffy Cardi
Ravelry: Beeknitched's Fluffy Cardi
Ravelry: Project Search Jumpers, Knitting, Diy, Knitting Projects, Crochet, Knit Patterns, Yarn Sweater, Knit Crochet
Ravelry: Project Search
a stuffed animal in a bag sitting on the ground next to a body of water
My nearly finished #dottedrays shawl looking great in my #parachuteybag inside my brandnew @hedgehogfibres #invisibleprojectbag. #walkcollection #walkcollectionyarns #marledcolors #westknits #walkbags #parachuteybag
a blue and yellow striped shawl hanging on a stone wall with trees in the background
gyden's The First Light
a white mannequin with a blue knitted scarf on it's head
choupiprof's Trendy châle
P1010354_small2 Casual, Pullover, Sweaters, Men Sweater, Men
Ahribokatrinchen's casual
a black and grey shawl hanging on the wall
fineknits' everyday gradient
a pile of yarn sitting on top of a white table
Woollotte's no. 1
Ravelry: Woollotte's no. 1
Ravelry: lilalu's boxxxxy (again) Tops, Jumper, Tricot, Boxy
P1070523_small Plaid, Plaid Scarf, Winter Scarf, Building Blocks
a woman wearing a shawl standing in front of some bushes and trees smiling at the camera
gyden's Summer party on my needles
Ravelry: gyden's Summer party on my needles
Ravelry: PipiLongsocks' ♥S&P♥
PipiLongsocks' ♥S&P♥
Ravelry: PipiLongsocks' ♥S&P♥
a purple knitted hat sitting on top of a white table
cwc's Neon Ski Bonnet
Ravelry: cwc's Neon Ski Bonnet
Ravelry: eritml's Wanderling~two W Sweater Dress, Dress
eritml's Wanderling~two W
Ravelry: eritml's Wanderling~two W