Inspiration - Arbeiten mit Glycerin

Gylcerin, dass Mittel in der Fotografie für schöne Regentropfen, Tränen und Co. Etwas Inspiration rund um Glycerin in der Fotografie für dich.
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a bottle with a lightbulb on it sitting next to a potted plant
Bilder mit Gylcerin
the inside of a pink flower with water droplets
Pleasure Blood
macro-photography #pink #nature
the water drop photography technique for state drupet is easy to use and it's great fun
Water Drop Photography : Techniques for Static Droplet
Water Drop Photography is Explained for Static Droplets Like We Normally Face Dew Drops, Rain Drops on Leaves, Flowers and other surfaces.
a camera and tripod in front of a kitchen counter
How to Shoot Amazing Water Droplet Macro Photographs|How to Shoot Amazing Water Droplet Macro Photographs
How to Shoot Amazing Water Droplet Macro Photographs
a bottle of glycerin / glycerol is sitting on a table
Mit Glycerin/Glycerol arbeiten • Lerne Fotografieren mit Lowbudget Fotografietipps
Mit Glycerin/Glycerol arbeiten
two flowers with water droplets on them in front of a yellow and pink flower background
Perfectly balanced dew drops
a drop of water sitting on top of a pink and yellow table cloth with beads
I am Beautiful by Sheila-M-Carlo on DeviantArt
I am Beautiful by on @deviantART
a purple flower with dew drops on it
rain drops keep falin on my head
dew drops on the green stems of a plant
Dew Drops..
water droplets are hanging from a string on a pink and yellow background with an orange flower in the center
Gota 43
blumen tropfen Stud Earrings
blumen tropfen
blumen tropfen
a close up view of the back of a man's body with water droplets on it
Lowkey Akt
a close up of a person wearing a blue and white striped tie on their chest
Low Key Wassertropfen
Low Key Wassertropfen
a woman looking out the window with rain falling on her face
Die Kraft des Selbstportraits - kwerfeldein – Magazin für Fotografie
© Taya Iv
a black and white photo of a woman's body with water droplets on it
Wassertropfen auf nackter Haut - Körperlandschaft
Wassertropfen auf nackter Haut scheinen einen besonderen Reiz in der Aktfotografie zu bieten. Wasser gilt in verschiedenen Kulturen als “Quell des Lebens”.